Norris Tolson described the honor code at NC State College in the early 1960s and how Student Government sought to uphold academic integrity. Interview on May 12, 2011. (2:01)


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Well we had a very, very--and still do at NC State--a very strict honor code that students were expected to adhere to 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:08.314
and violations were pretty severe. 00:00:08.314 - 00:00:11.743
That was in the day when you violated the rules you got kicked out. 00:00:11.743 - 00:00:16.582
You didn't get mollycoddled or you didn't get pampered, you were kicked out of school, 00:00:16.582 - 00:00:21.588
and that was a very serious offense for a young person at NC State 00:00:21.588 - 00:00:28.019
and so we were very, very concerned about all of the values of the honor code being upheld 00:00:28.019 - 00:00:34.797
but also at the same time being fair. 00:00:34.797 - 00:00:37.649
We wanted to be sure that students were treated fairly in the process, 00:00:37.649 - 00:00:41.594
and one of the great strengths of that program that it was student run. It was not run by the faculty or by the administration of the university. 00:00:41.594 - 00:00:49.770
It was run by the students and students tended to be much more pragmatic about the issues that students faced as students. 00:00:49.770 - 00:00:59.278
They were pragmatic about the issues but they were also much more pragmatic about the so-called punishment for violating the rules, 00:00:59.278 - 00:01:08.259
because most of the--. NC State was a small school. Everybody knew everybody. It wasn't like it is now when there are thirty-four thousand kids out there 00:01:08.259 - 00:01:17.670
so everybody kind of knew everybody else and if you violated the honor code it was a stigma on you on campus. 00:01:17.670 - 00:01:25.302
People knew who had violated the honor code. It was reported in the Technician, 00:01:25.302 - 00:01:30.071
it was in the gossip chain on the campus, 00:01:30.071 - 00:01:34.650
and so those of us in student leadership positions wanted to make sure that we maintained the integrity of the honor code 00:01:34.650 - 00:01:42.049
so that students understood how important it was 00:01:42.049 - 00:01:45.927
and how important the decisions they made to either violate the code or get convicted by the code about their futures. 00:01:45.927 - 00:01:53.457

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