Stephen Rea describes the the challenges of consensus building during his term in Student Government. Interview on January 26, 2015. (1:19)


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The biggest challenge in student government - and it wouldn't just be my experience, it would be others - is trying to consensus-build, 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:12.840
get folks on the same page, if you can, with a goal, with an objective, and to do it honestly and fairly and not try to engage in power plays. 00:00:12.840 - 00:00:28.605
We just didn't do that. We thought we needed to build a consensus, just like when we campaigned. 00:00:28.605 - 00:00:35.919
We built a consensus for folks that wanted us to be in that position and we went out there and we talked to folks. 00:00:35.919 - 00:00:41.167
So we tried to work with the legislature to build consensus for the different initiatives that we had in mind. 00:00:41.167 - 00:00:48.945
That's the biggest challenge, trying to build a consensus within the representatives in student government 00:00:48.945 - 00:00:57.304
to a) is this a good idea, and then b) if we have to fund it, are we willing to spend the money to support it. 00:00:57.304 - 00:01:08.310
So those were the biggest challenges, I think, which is true for any legislative body. 00:01:08.310 - 00:01:15.554

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