Adam Compton talks about balancing academic and leadership responsibilities. Interview on November 28, 2011. (2:06)


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That was probably the toughest thing that I had to do as a student here, 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:05.066
and a student leader, because as I mentioned earlier I was the student leader that literally jumped in over my head, didn't look back 00:00:05.066 - 00:00:12.098
and then literally treaded water until I graduated. 00:00:12.098 - 00:00:16.010
To be honest my academics suffered because of my leadership involvement, 00:00:16.010 - 00:00:21.024
but that's where people like Mike Giancola came in a pushed me, and Mindy Sopher, and my fraternity advisor as well, 00:00:21.024 - 00:00:26.872
who was an alum, pushed me that you need to focus on your academics, 00:00:26.872 - 00:00:32.146
and then my college advisor as well, to say, hey, sometimes you need to go to class. 00:00:32.146 - 00:00:39.369
Because, you know, there'd be a meeting and it would be a tuition advisory committee meeting 00:00:39.369 - 00:00:44.485
and it's something that's important but yet at the same time I might have a business class that was during that exact time, 00:00:44.485 - 00:00:50.370
time, so you had to kind of pick and choose, and it was definitely one of my weak points. A lot of times student senate meetings, 00:00:50.370 - 00:00:57.370
before I got involved, went to 3:00 am but still they were going to 1:00 sometimes. 00:00:57.370 - 00:01:03.798
So part of it was planning your schedule, knowing that if you're at a student senate meeting until 1:00 am maybe an 8:00 am class on Thursday after a Wednesday student senate meeting's not the best idea. 00:01:03.798 - 00:01:14.715
Balancing your course load; I think that was another thing I had to figure out, 00:01:14.715 - 00:01:20.154
and that's why most semesters I took twelve hours. 00:01:20.154 - 00:01:23.292
There were some semesters that I audited one class of those twelve hours, and I was considered a full time student but I was only really taking nine hours of class. 00:01:23.292 - 00:01:30.058
So you can definitely see why I was here for the length of time that I was here. Now, working for the university, I've been on campus for the better part of a decade, 00:01:30.058 - 00:01:39.710
starting in 2004 and it's now almost 2012. 00:01:39.710 - 00:01:44.771
But it was a tough time and I'm not going to lie; my academics suffered. 00:01:44.771 - 00:01:49.790
That's, looking back, probably one of the things that I would try and work on harder, is to really focus on my class and set aside time for my class. 00:01:49.790 - 00:01:59.490

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