Norris Tolson describes growing up in rural Tarboro, NC. Interview on May 12, 2011. (0:48)


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I grew up in eastern North Carolina, Edgecombe County, 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:03.682
on a tobacco and dairy farm outside of Tarboro. 00:00:03.682 - 00:00:07.398
I'm the next to youngest of a family of eight children-- 00:00:07.398 - 00:00:12.456
--and I am the first member of my family that went to NC State. 00:00:12.456 - 00:00:19.328
Edgecombe County is a very rural county, 00:00:19.328 - 00:00:26.593
mostly farming, and that's what we did for a living as a family. 00:00:26.593 - 00:00:31.021
It's about sixty-five miles east of Raleigh 00:00:31.021 - 00:00:36.396
so when I came to NC State, coming to NC State and coming to Raleigh was coming to the big city. 00:00:36.396 - 00:00:41.441

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