Raj Mirchandani recalls various campaign tactics such as approaching student voters on the bus, and wearing an Easter Bunny costume. He also describes the invention of the late-night Wolfline Campus Bus Service, known as the Werewolf. Interview on February 17, 2012. (3:23)


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Running for student body president at NC State, 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:04.058
I mean it's a full-on campaign. It's like running for the mayor of a small town. 00:00:04.058 - 00:00:09.368
But the thing that set us apart was our visibility. 00:00:09.368 - 00:00:14.834
A lot of people feel like maybe 00:00:14.834 - 00:00:19.417
their participation in this part of campus life will help them achieve the position. 00:00:19.417 - 00:00:24.995
That's not the case. It's just like politics in today's world, 00:00:24.995 - 00:00:30.007
you have to be visible, and that's one thing our campaign did. 00:00:30.007 - 00:00:33.379
We were out talking to people one on one. One of the things that 00:00:33.379 - 00:00:38.043
I came up with was I wanted to shake as many hands as I could and talk to as many people as I could 00:00:38.043 - 00:00:45.688
because if they had a concern I wanted them to voice it to me right then and there, 00:00:45.688 - 00:00:50.579
not in a town hall meeting, not in a meeting where they would feel intimidated. 00:00:50.579 - 00:00:54.298
They could talk to me, and the best place I did it was on the Wolfline. 00:00:54.298 - 00:01:00.701
Basically what I did was I got on at Dan Allen [Drive] 00:01:00.701 - 00:01:07.166
and I rode it down Hillsborough St. and basically I would talk to everybody on the bus 00:01:07.166 - 00:01:14.937
that I could and get off at the end of the street and I'd run back up the street, 00:01:14.937 - 00:01:20.052
get on again, and I would do that as much as I could in between classes. 00:01:20.052 - 00:01:23.764
I shook people's hands and I told them who I was and I told them what I was doing and I asked them if they had any questions and they responded. 00:01:23.764 - 00:01:30.807
They told me what they were wanting to do. Of course that was just one aspect of it, 00:01:30.807 - 00:01:36.770
but we did a lot of different things. We were very creative. 00:01:36.770 - 00:01:40.031
We did some cheesy things. It was around Easter the campaign was going on so we got an Easter Bunny outfit 00:01:40.031 - 00:01:45.043
and we stood in the Brickyard. One of my friends wore it and he passed out flyers with my name on it 00:01:45.043 - 00:01:50.997
and people were like, what is the Easter Bunny doing here? 00:01:50.997 - 00:01:53.562
So just anything we could do to get people's attention 00:01:53.562 - 00:01:56.695
that's what we did, but the biggest thing was people saw there was 00:01:56.695 - 00:02:02.474
a fire in not just myself but in the people surrounding me, that we wanted to make a difference. 00:02:02.474 - 00:02:07.503
One of the things that they really, really were excited about was our idea of something we had done before I had gotten elected, 00:02:07.503 - 00:02:19.324
and that was-no, that was right after we got elected we were able to push it through. 00:02:19.324 - 00:02:23.825
It was the idea of the late night busing system, similar to what Chapel Hill had at the time, the P2P. 00:02:23.825 - 00:02:30.169
That was something that I was very determined to make happen and people really responded to that. 00:02:30.169 - 00:02:35.881
Whether you were out late night studying at the library 00:02:35.881 - 00:02:39.765
or if you were in a social setting and you needed a safe way home, 00:02:39.765 - 00:02:44.305
this was a very realistic way to approach that problem and it worked. 00:02:44.305 - 00:02:49.989
When we got elected [not only were we] able to get it through but we were able to do it at the cost of two dollars per student for the semester, 00:02:49.989 - 00:02:57.881
which no one can argue that [wasn't] money well spent, and the program is still going 'til today. 00:02:57.881 - 00:03:04.256
[Yeah, it's the Werewolf, right?] Yeah. [The Werewolf Line?] 00:03:04.256 - 00:03:05.770
And I have to give a shout out to Angus Kelly, which is still one of my closest friends today. 00:03:05.770 - 00:03:12.198
He named it the Werewolf and that's what we called it. 00:03:12.198 - 00:03:15.710

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