Kelly Hook explains how she developed an interest in NC State's Student Government and why she ran for student body president. Interview on May 2, 2012. (1:55)


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When I was in high school I was our class president 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:03.966
and I knew that that kind of thing interested me. 00:00:03.966 - 00:00:07.635
I like to advocate and communicate the things that I'm passionate about, 00:00:07.635 - 00:00:12.583
which may just be a fancy way to say I like to talk a lot. 00:00:12.583 - 00:00:15.562
But when I first came to NC State I met a guy who was involved with student government 00:00:15.562 - 00:00:21.039
and I knew that I wanted to be a part of that organization. I went to see a student senate meeting and they were an engaged body, 00:00:21.039 - 00:00:28.974
they stayed up late, and they worked hard for something they believed in, which was that NC State could be the best 00:00:28.974 - 00:00:34.687
student experience campus in the country. 00:00:34.687 - 00:00:37.467
That was kind of their mantra when I first started, so I wanted to be a part of that. 00:00:37.467 - 00:00:42.409
Certainly in hindsight my ego probably was at play there. 00:00:42.409 - 00:00:45.513
I wanted to be seen on campus, 'cause thirty-four thousand students, you know, I wanted to do something that later I could say 00:00:45.513 - 00:00:54.938
well I did network a lot with my peers in a big way and that would help me with future jobs. 00:00:54.938 - 00:01:02.082
But later it became more and more about I just love this university 00:01:02.082 - 00:01:07.021
and I was not happy with some things, like transportation or the way x-y-z was working- 00:01:07.021 - 00:01:13.019
you know, the cafeteria, like I mentioned before-and student government provided an opportunity to effect some change, 00:01:13.019 - 00:01:20.464
if the student body supported it. I mean nobody in that organization has any type of power, 00:01:20.464 - 00:01:26.397
I guess you could say, but we had influence if the student body was behind us, and I really bought into that and believed it, 00:01:26.397 - 00:01:31.937
specially by the time I was a junior/senior, which is why I ran for student body president. 00:01:31.937 - 00:01:36.843
I wanted to believe that we could really change minds of the administrators through being a unified thirty-four-thousand-student body. 00:01:36.843 - 00:01:46.905

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