Terry Carroll recalls how he became interested in Student Government following his return to campus after two years of service in the Vietnam War. Interview on March 24, 2011. (1:01)


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The thing that triggered my decision to get back involved in student politics 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:05.289
is that I picked up the first Technician and the story was whether we were going to have Wilson or Slater sandwiches, 00:00:05.289 - 00:00:13.599
that there had been mold on some things in the cafeteria. 00:00:13.599 - 00:00:17.576
And I'm looking at the Technician and people are dying and things going crazy and the world's getting all crazy 00:00:17.576 - 00:00:24.261
and we're talking about whether we're going to have Wilson or Slater sandwiches because of the bread, 00:00:24.261 - 00:00:28.345
and I'm like, you know, shouldn't there be something a little deeper here? 00:00:28.345 - 00:00:32.218
So that really kind of pissed me off, if you want to be honest, 00:00:32.218 - 00:00:36.633
because I'm like we're asleep here. 00:00:36.633 - 00:00:39.124
The world is on fire and we're just sitting about, you know, 00:00:39.124 - 00:00:44.733
wondering what we're going to have to snack on during the football game. 00:00:44.733 - 00:00:47.066
So that really was probably what put the fire in my gut. 00:00:47.066 - 00:00:53.402

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