Mike Giancola talks about the legacy of student service and leadership at NC State, and how the university has been recognized for it. Interview on March 26, 2012. (1:46)


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I think just recently NC State was recognized with a pretty significant award. 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:05.263
We were recognized by the President of the United States. There's an honor roll 00:00:05.263 - 00:00:10.641
that the Corporation for National Community Service has 00:00:10.641 - 00:00:15.628
and every year institutions apply to be on this honor roll for their commitment to community service, 00:00:15.628 - 00:00:21.201
and this year there were about fourteen hundred institutions that applied 00:00:21.201 - 00:00:25.829
and the category that we were recognized in, the general community service, there were about seven hundred and fifty-one, 00:00:25.829 - 00:00:30.128
to be exact, 00:00:30.128 - 00:00:32.008
institutions that applied and NC State was selected as one of two. 00:00:32.008 - 00:00:35.199
They don't rank those two institutions so in theory we were the top two submissions out of those seven hundred and fifty-one. 00:00:35.199 - 00:00:41.130
The award talks about community service but it's really broader than that. 00:00:41.130 - 00:00:45.257
It's the service learning that exists in the classroom, 00:00:45.257 - 00:00:48.355
it's the extracurricular activities that students are doing to mentor children 00:00:48.355 - 00:00:52.018
or to work with military families in their time of need, 00:00:52.018 - 00:00:55.363
it's the philanthropy projects that we talk about, the Krispy Kreme Challenge 00:00:55.363 - 00:00:59.903
and the blood drives and the meal packaging events, 00:00:59.903 - 00:01:03.469
and all the different ways that our extension faculty engage with the local communities throughout North Carolina. 00:01:03.469 - 00:01:09.344
So it's a recognition of all the ways that NC State is relevant to our communities, 00:01:09.344 - 00:01:14.200
so to be recognized as one of the top two in the country, we're very proud of that. 00:01:14.200 - 00:01:18.708
Again, that will just be another way that we say to students: This is part of the NC State experience, 00:01:18.708 - 00:01:24.474
that when you come here you will be engaged in communities, 00:01:24.474 - 00:01:27.575
that you will be provided challenging opportunities to make a difference and we expect that you'll rise to that challenge, 00:01:27.575 - 00:01:32.466
and that's the long legacy of student leadership, and leadership for the institution on this campus. 00:01:32.466 - 00:01:39.431

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