Brian Lamar Nixon discusses that as NC State student body president he set up particular evenings for college administrators and student government leaders to be available at university dining facilities for students to come ask questions while they ate their meals. Interview on September 9, 2011. (1:27)


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And one of the things that was kind of obvious to me is that a lot of students, freshmen through seniors, even grad students, because of their busy life, 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:08.452
we don't know our college administrators, don't know our student leaders, and the student leaders obviously don't them until campaign time, 00:00:08.452 - 00:00:16.885
and so one of the things we tried to do is, hey, let's marry this program with University Dining with our student government 00:00:16.885 - 00:00:25.840
where student leaders, myself, the treasurer, attorney general, senators, my staff, we'd all come and we'd invite a handful of leaders across the school. 00:00:25.840 - 00:00:39.381
and we gave them the opportunity to-. We'd sit at the tables and one would be at each table and then we would invite the students to come in. 00:00:39.381 - 00:00:47.852
The meal's free, just sit down and just have a conversation, and let's talk about the topics that are on our campus today and let's hear your point of view. 00:00:47.852 - 00:00:56.030
That means now if you have a problem in student housing, if we've got one of our student housing folks there, or someone from our financial aid office is there 00:00:56.030 - 00:01:05.205
and you've got these questions that you can never get anybody to answer for you, you've got that person right there and they can give you an answer. 00:01:05.205 - 00:01:11.707
Now you might not like the answer but it gives you access and then if you ever go call them up or go to their office then I can have a face to go with a name. 00:01:11.707 - 00:01:19.545

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