Ed Stack recalls the involvement of student leaders in the development of a student honor code in the early 1990s. Interview on April 26, 2011. (2:14)


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I remember at the time that it seems like Tom Stafford pulled together a group of student leaders to start talking about an honor code, 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:13.722
and as we went through that process it was very interesting to get people's input on that. 00:00:13.722 - 00:00:24.650
I think that it was very interesting, some of the dialogue that we had. People are very passionate about whether or not the work they do is theirs 00:00:24.650 - 00:00:37.203
so obviously anybody within student government--. And I like to think that the people who are involved in student government are at a very minimum at least as ethical as everybody else. 00:00:37.203 - 00:00:52.822
Hopefully they want to be standard bearers for being ethical students, and there again you could look at my GPA and probably tell that [Laughs] I wasn't cheating or if I was it was off the wrong people. 00:00:52.822 - 00:01:10.394
But I think that where we were was really we wanted to get student sentiment, we wanted to understand what people were thinking, 00:01:10.394 - 00:01:20.767
what the students were thinking, and then be good partners with the administration moving forward, 00:01:20.767 - 00:01:32.989
and if we felt like we could reach an agreement on an honor code I think we felt good with that. 00:01:32.989 - 00:01:41.116
We felt good with whatever it took to make sure that we were not cheating to the point where we got to an accusatory stance. 00:01:41.116 - 00:01:53.590
We don't want to walk into a classroom with the professor immediately thinking, okay, all you guys are going to cheat. 00:01:53.590 - 00:01:58.065
We want to walk in there, okay, none of you are going to cheat and I know that because you're ethical students, and I think that's probably where we were on that. 00:01:58.065 - 00:02:07.478

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