Raj Mirchandani describes his responsibilities working with the Inter-Residence Council, including a party he hosted with SBP Darryl Willie. Interview on February 17, 2012. (1:32)


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Basically it was the council that overlooked dorm life, 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:04.888
or I don't think we're supposed to call it dorm, student housing or whatever the proper term was, 00:00:04.888 - 00:00:11.584
but basically if there was an issue, say 00:00:11.584 - 00:00:17.537
something as serious as if there's something wrong with a particular building that needed to be addressed, 00:00:17.537 - 00:00:22.899
even something as fun as making sure the common areas had a new big screen TV. 00:00:22.899 - 00:00:28.586
We would host different get-togethers on different parts of the campus so the students on campus would have different events to attend. 00:00:28.586 - 00:00:37.004
One of my favorite things, actually one of my favorite events that we ever did, 00:00:37.004 - 00:00:41.198
was a block party right in front of the student center. 00:00:41.198 - 00:00:44.818
That was one of the first things actually myself and Darryl Willie, who was president I believe two years after I was, 00:00:44.818 - 00:00:52.661
we put it together and it was so fun to put something like that together because we made little cheesy flyers 00:00:52.661 - 00:01:00.471
and we went out and we told everybody we were going to have Kool-Aid at this block party. 00:01:00.471 - 00:01:06.572
We got food donated by the dining hall, of all places, and people showed up. We had a DJ. 00:01:06.572 - 00:01:15.721
I think five hundred people showed up and it was all because Darryl and I went around passing out these cheesy little flyers, 00:01:15.721 - 00:01:20.819
and it ended up being a lot of fun, so a lot of different things that we did in Inter-Residence Council. 00:01:20.819 - 00:01:23.925

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