Mike Giancola reflects on past Student Body Presidents. Interview on March 26, 2012. (1:54)


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We've only had a few student body presidents over the years that were women 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:04.196
and I think some of the most dynamic presidents we've had have been women. 00:00:04.196 - 00:00:08.158
I think of Jenny Chang. I was here when Jenny was president, didn't work with her as closely, 00:00:08.158 - 00:00:14.225
but what a barrier she broke when she became student body president. 00:00:14.225 - 00:00:20.372
In fact that year-I don't think she was the first female student body president 00:00:20.372 - 00:00:24.172
but that year, if I'm remembering right, I think all four of the executive officers that year were women, 00:00:24.172 - 00:00:31.068
or three of the four. Three of the four were women, Alexis Mei was the senate president 00:00:31.068 - 00:00:35.610
and I'm blanking on who the treasurer was that year. This was before I started working with student government so closely. 00:00:35.610 - 00:00:40.724
But Jenny will go down as being one of the best student body presidents we've had. 00:00:40.724 - 00:00:46.097
I think about Kelly Hook recently and now Chandler Thompson, 00:00:46.097 - 00:00:50.735
two really great-. Chandler's just about ready to end her term, the elections are tomorrow, so I think we can start to reflect back on her year, 00:00:50.735 - 00:00:58.665
but both her and Kelly have done a fantastic job. 00:00:58.665 - 00:01:00.870
I think of some of the student body presidents over the years and senate presidents 00:01:00.870 - 00:01:06.108
NC State, historically being a predominantly white campus, 00:01:06.108 - 00:01:12.436
and you think about trailblazers. Kevin Howell I didn't work with when he was student body president. 00:01:12.436 - 00:01:18.282
He and I are closer in age so it would have been awesome for that to happen. 00:01:18.282 - 00:01:22.588
But I think of folks like Harold Pettigrew and Mike Anthony and Tony Caravano. 00:01:22.588 - 00:01:29.660
I mean we had a year, I think three or four years running, where we had African American male student body presidents 00:01:29.660 - 00:01:35.806
and each one of them as accomplished as the other-Darryl Willie was the other one I'd forgotten in that group 00:01:35.806 - 00:01:40.472
great, great human beings, great leaders that have gone on to do really wonderful things since they've left us. 00:01:40.472 - 00:01:47.401

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