Adam Compton recalls his role in shortening the student government campaign season and the implementation of instant runoff voting. Interview on November 28, 2011. (1:38)


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We said this campaign time is too long. Nobody should start campaigning in January for an election in May. 00:00:00.000 - 00:00:09.074
This is not the US presidential campaign. We need to shorten this time period. 00:00:09.074 - 00:00:13.124
So we made an initial start to campaigning and I think I called the bill "The Reduction in Student Harassment Act" 00:00:13.124 - 00:00:21.242
because literally that's what-. The students got so tired of seeing us every day, seeing my yard signs and billboards and everything else out on campus. 00:00:21.242 - 00:00:31.151
They were just so tired of it by the end. So we started with a date that you could start campaigning on, 00:00:31.151 - 00:00:37.507
and then the other thing we did is, the extra week of campaigning was just too much, 00:00:37.507 - 00:00:44.568
having the runoff and everything else, and I guarantee if you look at everybody that's ever ran for student body president, with the exception of maybe one or two-probably Tony Caravano's one of them- 00:00:44.568 - 00:00:58.634
their grades have suffered so much that semester-long time they're running for student body president. 00:00:58.634 - 00:01:04.274
So that was the other thing; it was a big focus on grades. So we wanted everything to be done in a month. 00:01:04.274 - 00:01:10.908
We wanted runoff, everything, done. So we looked at ways to start doing it and one of the things we came up with was instant runoff voting, 00:01:10.908 - 00:01:18.243
so we bought a new voting system that allowed us to rank people and we instituted that for the election, I think, after mine, 00:01:18.243 - 00:01:27.335
which was another really cool thing that I was able to do. 00:01:27.335 - 00:01:31.978

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