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1970 Baseball team
The 1970 team would go 21-10 overall and 13-8 in the ACC. The season included two wins against Duke and three wins against UNC. Team Members [transcribed from back, left to right]: First row: Asst. Coach Clem Huffman, Reid Carter, Robbie Wilson, Pete Blocklin, Randy McMasters, Bill Glad, Mike Medlin, Manager Frank Gee, Mike Charron; Second row: Trainer Rodney Poindexter, Dewey Brown, Mike Caldwell, Tommy Smith, Roebrt Andrews, Darrell Moody, Denis Punch, Mike Mallan, Chris Cammack, John Lewis; Third row: Danny Baker, Tom Rempson, Pat McCabe, Joe Owen, Rob Anderson, Billy Smith, Landon Moore, Kelly Sparger, Mike Evans, Head Coach Sam Esposito.
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Black and white print (photograph)
8 x 10 in.
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Group portraits
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