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Sheep flock on William Poe's farm
Community and Extension
Crape myrtle, Common
Sheep farming
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Black and white negative
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Transcribed from accompanying material: The Progressive Farmer; August 13, 1957; Dr. Lemuel Goode, Department of Animal Industry, N. C. State College, Raleigh, N. C.; Dear Dr. Goode: In according with your request to Mr. [William] D. Poe, I am sending you the negative and contact prints of the black and white pictures of the sheep and crepe myrtles at Dr. Poe's place. You may select any of these shots for enlargement that you care to use and then please return the whole thing to us. You will perhaps note that these are not the same pictures as we took in color. In fact, the color shots were taken in a little area especially showing the overhanging crepe myrtles. However, for black and white reproduction purposes I believe you will find some of these shots very good. We certainly appreciate your splendid cooperation in this job and we are looking forward to working with you on an article on this breed of sheep. Sincerely yours, William C. LaRue, Associate Editor
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