Working at the Bookstore

William B. Aycock discusses working at the NC State bookstore while a student. In the first year he worked in the part that served sodas to other students, then he worked in the part where students bought books.

Interview on 2011-08-23


00:00:00.000 The bookstore was owned by a fellow named L.L. Ivey, I-v-e-y, I believe, and the bookstore, at the time I was a freshman, was in the basement of a dining hall,
00:00:20.888 which they called the [Bull?] Hall on account of the [meat?] agriculture and so forth. He had five or six students and one ex-student who was a graduate who was his first assistant.
00:00:48.115 The rest of us had schedules not conflicting with our classes and so Ivey hired me my sophomore, junior and senior years as one of his—.
00:01:14.675 The first two years I think I did what they called jerking sodas. You get where the students all get there between classes and make coca-colas and everything.
00:01:31.122 The last year he had me in the book department because that’s where the students bought all their books, so that was a little different arrangement from jerking sodas.
00:01:48.709 But L.L. Ivey, he was a first rate fellow and he paid us thirty dollars a month for part time work, which was very helpful in going to school and that worked out very well.
00:02:06.726 Later on he moved to the Y at the ground level, the YMCA, and that’s where I worked the last year that I was there,
00:02:24.313 but then later on I understand they moved it across the road where the basketball—. [inaudible] dormitory was also across the railroad, up the other side of the railroad.
00:02:41.964 But that was a good experience and a very good way to help myself along.