Wolfpack Fan

Chandler Thompson talks about being a Wolfpack fan as her favorite memory of her time at NC State.

Interview on 2013-07-06


00:00:00.000 I think if I picked one memory that really was my favorite, I'm just going
00:00:08.805 to combine all of this into being a Wolfpack fan, and supporting NC State
00:00:15.744 athletics is probably my best memory, and I think that's for a couple reasons.
00:00:22.911 When I was growing up I looked over at the student section and admired them.
00:00:28.685 I mean the whole stadium doesn't really get the wear red thing that much,
00:00:33.299 you see white and other things, but the students understand what it means
00:00:37.827 when you say you wear red to NC State games, so it's the deepest red section.
00:00:43.756 So growing up I always wanted to be in that section and have my Student
00:00:46.240 Wolfpack Club shirt, so for four years I got to do it and I just know
00:00:51.014 that I'll never, unless I get a guest ticket to be in the student section,
00:00:54.772 that's really something special and students need to cherish that time
00:00:58.312 when you can dance to all the band's songs and scream as loud as you want
00:01:02.693 and stand up the whole game, because not everyone else in the stadium
00:01:06.313 does that or is able to do that.