Transferring to NC State

William Friday describes his transition from Wake Forest College to NC State College and the difficulties associated with attending college during the Great Depression.

Interview on 2011-09-13


00:00:00.000 I'm from Gaston County, a little place called Dallas.
00:00:04.081 I wanted to go to college, those were the years of the Depression, 1936 and '37,
00:00:12.099 and there was a Baptist minister there that said maybe we can get you a scholarship to Wake Forest.
00:00:18.028 That happened, it was a fifty dollar scholarship,
00:00:22.202 and that's the way I got started to college.
00:00:24.513 My father was in the textile business
00:00:29.181 and I knew that was inevitable.
00:00:31.931 I was the oldest child of four brothers in the family.
00:00:35.798 So in 1938 I moved over to Professor L.E. Hinkle's house
00:00:44.906 on Park Drive-I couldn't get in the dormitory-
00:00:47.704 and met up with three wonderful guys, Bob Furman,
00:00:51.900 who later became the chief pilot for American Airlines, flying transcontinental flights,
00:00:57.861 "Winks" Simpson, who bought the Nansemond Hotel in Virginia Beach and became a big operator,
00:01:06.639 and Doug Allison, who is there in Raleigh, working in humanities and working for the state.
00:01:13.667 So we had a wonderful time with the Hinkles; they were just delightful people.
00:01:18.322 He taught German and I'd had one year of German so we practiced guttural sound.
00:01:25.956 That's all the German I could remember. [Laughs]
00:01:28.809 So that's my background.