The Problem of Scalping Tickets

In the late 1970s students were caught scalping ACC tournament tickets. Blas Arroyo discusses a Student Government measure to develop an anti-scalping policy that conformed to state law.

Interview on 2012-09-20


00:00:00.000 The problem that we had and where that particular issue came from is
00:00:05.301 that we had students arrested for scalping. The state decided to operate a sting
00:00:12.872 around ACC tournament tickets and it had not happened-. Well, if it had happened
00:00:21.064 before it hadn't happened in recent history. So there had been a practice
00:00:24.743 that had developed among students of selling tickets to other-. I think even
00:00:30.719 if you just sold to another student it violated the state law. I don't know
00:00:36.510 that the average student-and I, being from Florida, I know before this came up
00:00:41.502 I didn't even know there was an anti-scalping statute in North Carolina.
00:00:46.834 So we had students that got in trouble by virtue of having run afoul of the state law,
00:00:54.328 so really that policy was entirely motivated by desire from an educational standpoint that everybody knew that we had a policy then that fit with the state,
00:01:06.912 but then it would get publicized and then hopefully we would not have-.
00:01:11.939 And I knew one of the guys well [Laughs] that got caught in this thing,
00:01:16.177 It's a criminal violation, an attorney has to get involved,
00:01:24.984 and it was a mess for them, and it was something that I think
00:01:29.314 by most accounts was a totally innocent thing.