Student Government Traditions

Evelyn Reiman recalls two Student Government traditions: Governor Jim Hunt's annual call to the new student body president and the annual signing of the student body president's desk.

Interview on 2012-04-26


00:00:00.000 With Jim Hunt. I'm very pleased that the new library bears his name
00:00:07.560 and I will say that to a person I would have the student body presidents mention how he had reached out to them,
00:00:16.530 often when they were first elected, so they would feel this very special kind of touch from Gov. Hunt,
00:00:25.173 kind of congratulating them and talking a little bit about what student government meant to him.
00:00:32.120 They have a tradition...the student body president will sign the inside of their desk drawer,
00:00:39.113 and I didn't discover that right away. I can't remember who finally let the cat out of the bag on that.
00:00:44.639 So you see, a little bit like the Declaration of Independence, right, they have a desk that they inherit when they become student body president
00:00:52.403 and so the top drawer gets signed and the kind of things that you can infer about students based on how they choose to sign their name.