Student Government Response to a Stabbing

Blas Arroyo discusses the student government response to a stabbing on campus.

Interview on 2012-09-20


00:00:00.000 There was a service organization on campus, Circle K, that I had been involved with before getting involved in anything in student government,
00:00:08.357 and that initiative I think may have been started in part by them. They did a survey on campus and things of that nature identifying, with their members,
00:00:19.902 areas that they thought were too dark, and then that was carried forward into Residence Life again.
00:00:25.381 But, yeah, that is a serious issue, obviously, and I'm sure it is still today as well.
00:00:35.081 You don't think about it generally until-because the campus seems so safe. Even if the thing had been dark and people were using flashlights,
00:00:44.719 when you're in a university environment everything just-. You take safety for granted
00:00:51.436 and that incident sort of put more focus on it, so that was something that we carried forward.
00:00:57.977 It was a natural thing I think for student government to pick up and advocate.