Student Body President: A Tremendous Impact

Judge Ronald E. Spivey recalls the influences that shaped his role in Student Government and the tremendous impact his time at NC State had on his judicial career.

Interview on 2015-12-15


00:00:00.000 But being student body president here was something that unquestionably influenced the rest of my life:
00:00:08.033 learning about campaigning; learning the importance of teamwork; learning the importance of being aware, the importance of listening more than talking; the relationships, the people that I was exposed to.
00:00:22.127 There were people that I would have never met had I not been student senate or student body president, folks like Bill Friday.
00:00:28.907 I always thought he was a great NC State alum and of course a great North Carolinian. I loved his leadership style and I continued to call him on a regular basis until we lost him.
00:00:41.144 Gov. Hunt, I see him frequently. Burley Mitchell, who turned out to be our chief justice, he was so important to me in trying to determine how to be a good judge, Jack Cozort, who was on the Court of Appeals.
00:00:55.470 It's just impacted my life in so many respects.
00:01:00.973 As I look back it was just sort of a natural progression for me, like, okay; I believe I'll run for student senate president.
00:01:08.658 I had no idea that that decision would have such a tremendous impact later in my life.