Snack Bar Hours

Judge Ronald E. Spivey remembers the assistance given by Banks Talley, Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, in assuring a snack bar in central campus would remain open and available to students.

Interview on 2015-12-15


00:00:00.000 We of course worked with Banks Talley, who was with Student Affairs, and he was a great man. In fact I just saw him again recently. I hadn't seen him in probably twenty years.
00:00:10.541 Banks was probably one of our first interfaces because he was with Student Affairs, the Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs.
00:00:19.573 I told him this the other week, and I don't know that I'd ever told him this before, but he was very, very helpful to me as student body president because one of our other issues we'll talk about was simply whether a snack bar would stay open or closed,
00:00:35.223 and if it stayed open how long it would stay open. There was a question - it was in Central Campus - about whether it would stay open or not.
00:00:41.492 I'll never forget, I went to Banks' office one day and I said, "You know, this is a big deal for the students in Central Campus because if you close that there's nothing in that general vicinity."
00:00:53.960 He looked at me and he said, "Ron, I know it's a big issue. I know it's a big issue for the students and it's a big issue for you because it's an issue for the students, and we're going to make that happen.
00:01:05.152 Now what I want you to do is you go back to your constituents and you tell them you got that issue done," and that was a huge to-do for my administration, the fact that he was willing to keep that snack bar open, at least for that year,
00:01:20.430 and I always appreciated the fact that he said, "You go tell them you got it done." He wanted me to take the credit but we all know where the credit should have gone, and that was to Banks.