Serving on the Board of Trustees with Roy Park

The student body president serves as a member of the Board of Trustees. J. D. Hayworth talks about serving on the Board with Roy H. Park, and he recalls Park's work and accomplishments.

Interview on 2015-07-11


00:00:00.000 Well, it was just great, because - and again, you take a look at the illustrious alumni of NC State,
00:00:09.519 alumni of NC State, a guy that instantly comes to mind: Roy H. Park.
00:00:14.860 Roy Park, as a young guy hired out of NC State with Proctor and Gamble, had the brainstorm of going to-.
00:00:24.008 See, there really was a real Duncan Hines. He did the travel guides. So Roy Park went to Duncan Hines and said, "Mr. Hines, would you be willing to give us the rights to put your name on cake mixes?"
00:00:39.681 So Roy Park, with Proctor and Gamble, started the whole Duncan Hines line, and then he got into broadcast ownership,
00:00:48.852 and at that point in time, in the pre-deregulated days, Roy Park, as a sole proprietor for Park Broadcasting,
00:00:58.720 I believe owned the legal limit of radio stations, television stations, and newspapers that an individual was able to own,
00:01:09.703 and occasionally I'd talk to him about the business.