Senior Class President: Engaging with Other Students

John Earnhardt discusses his duties as president of the Class of 1963. He primarily developed means for informing his classmates of where they needed to go on campus to get help.

Interview on 2012-11-12


00:00:00.000 You had to make sure that there was an organization-that students knew
00:00:06.841 where the organizations were that helped them. As I recall there was
00:00:12.480 a couple of little flyers or something that I got involved in,
00:00:15.817 using the students in the dorm there as examples, people I knew,
00:00:22.155 just asking them some questions, and the purpose of this was-
00:00:27.396 and I do forget what they called that-but the purpose was to make sure
00:00:33.233 that students weren't just drifting along and not knowing things
00:00:35.936 they needed to know. So it was kind of [to] inquire. We tried at one time
00:00:43.647 a little buddy system, and that seemed to work for some people
00:00:48.249 and not for others, but the whole purpose
00:00:50.452 was to make sure
00:00:52.555 that people in the class knew what they needed to know.