Residence Life

Kelly Hook reflects on her experiences living on campus (Carroll Hall) as an NC State student.

Interview on 2012-05-02


00:00:00.000 I lived in Carroll Hall when I was a freshman and then I moved to Watauga when I was a sophomore.
00:00:06.244 I moved off campus my junior and senior year.
00:00:08.795 Carroll Hall was an experience that I wouldn't trade for the world.
00:00:12.912 I would never go back and live there now but when I was living there I learned how to live with ten other girls,
00:00:18.931 for one, or nine other girls. I guess I was the tenth.
00:00:21.832 You leave your room
00:00:26.665 and you can go walk to the cafeteria, it's about a block away,
00:00:30.560 and that experience alone is something you'll never have again in your life, really.
00:00:35.676 I mean I guess you can live next to a bakery or something later,
00:00:38.782 but being able to get up in the morning and go get your breakfast, you pull out your books from your book bag and you're studying for class.
00:00:43.970 You see other people that live in your suite or your dorm or the next residence hall, they're there too,
00:00:50.532 and you just have this big community that you don't even realize that you're a part of,
00:00:55.087 and you can't have that off campus. It would be impossible.
00:00:59.215 Basically you walk to and from your class to your dorm and in that commute you experience so many things,
00:01:06.923 so many giveaways for example, tons of free food on the Brickyard and across campus,
00:01:13.068 tons of educational opportunities and chances to talk with people that you've met because you lived on campus.
00:01:20.940 So, yeah, it was a pretty cool experience. Watauga is near the design school so my second year it was pretty different, being near the design school, little more quiet.
00:01:28.212 I was a little more focused on trying to make the grades so that worked out for me, but Carroll Hall and the "Tri-Towers" is where it's at.