Residence Life

T. Greg Doucette describes his experiences living on campus as an NC State student.

Interview on 2011-10-04


00:00:00.000 Actually I lived here all six years, both before and after dropping out.
00:00:04.075 My first two years I was in Owen Hall, then the next year I was in Watauga,
00:00:09.938 two years after that I was in Wolf Village, and then the year after that I was in E.S. King Village,
00:00:13.711 So I stayed on campus the entire time. It was interesting.
00:00:16.838 Now I started back in 1998 so back then Owen Hall didn't have air conditioning,
00:00:20.900 so when we moved to campus, moving day, everyone's moving in and that was kind of crazy in itself,
00:00:26.509 but there was no a/c, and it's the middle of summer so it's flipping hot.
00:00:30.241 But as I was talking with folks that were also on my hall-
00:00:34.505 Owen was segregated in the sense that the first three floors were boys and then the top floor was for the girls-
00:00:39.525 talking to the other guys on my hall I noticed a guy had an aluminum foil pan of water
00:00:45.557 and I'm like, what is that for? He goes, "Oh, this is your a/c,"
00:00:49.182 and I was like, what on earth are you talking about? We figured out that you could actually take the window and fold it down to kind of make it like a table
00:00:56.996 where it would rest on the radiator, put two box fans in the window blowing in, put two by two sets, so four total, aluminum foil pans filled with water, cut the fans on, and it actually cooled the room down a lot.
00:01:07.961 So that was actually how I met a good chunk of people
00:01:11.649 my first and second year, because I'm not terribly-. I'm a little on the shy side when it comes to meeting new folks
00:01:17.516 so having the a/c on the floor was just like the awesomest thing because you had the windows open, the doors open, there was cold air blowing in, and people are walking by going where's the a/c coming from?
00:01:26.386 So it was an interesting experience.