Red Terror Transit

Tony Caravano and Will Quick describe the development of the Red Terror Transit bus line from idea to implementation.

Interview on 2011-11-04


00:00:00.000 Tony Caravono: At NC State there were a couple of things that you saw on your way to a game. You saw a ton of people walking and they looked really tired.
00:00:06.882 They were not getting into the game on time because a ton of the people that were walking were freshmen and they weren't getting to the student section but they had great seats,
00:00:15.327 so they'd be late to games. They also missed out on the community piece, right? Everyone is there tailgating.
00:00:22.619 Tailgating is part of the culture here and they were missing out on that.
00:00:25.236 So we wanted to provide some sort of transportation from campus, not just for freshmen, but from campus for whomever wanted to be involved,
00:00:33.082 Phillips, he served with me and I think-Will Quick: He served with me too.Tony Caravano: -with you as well.Will Quick: Same role.Tony Caravano: He might have done three or four years in the same role.
00:00:42.638 He pulled it together. This guy was brilliant in working with transportation, working with the administration
00:00:49.015 and taking the vision that we had and getting it going on the ground, and it basically went from campus to the game and in a loop and got folks back and forth safely.
00:00:58.097 Will Quick: We extended it to basketball during my time as student body president
00:01:04.028 and sort of worked to try and solidify some of the funding. That's one of the things about student government and the way it works.
00:01:12.804 The way it should work is that someone starts something-. So Tony has this great idea about Red Terror Transit,
00:01:18.974 and then somebody else comes along and maybe it doesn't get as much attention and it falls off but it was a good idea.
00:01:26.063 Well I was two years after Tony when I was actually student body president but I was still involved and the Red Terror Transit was still going on,
00:01:33.629 so we build on the program, we add basketball and we try to work with the Wolfpack Club and transportation to make it a more set structure
00:01:42.981 so that if someone two or three years down the road doesn't have as big a focus on that, that it continues.
00:01:49.372 So a lot of that was, how do we make this something that's a tradition at NC State,
00:01:55.305 and it's still running and it's still there and it's still got a lot of people riding it.