Pearl Harbor Sunday

William Friday recalls his reaction to the attack on Pearl Harbor. Friday also discusses how NC State contributed to the war effort and his general thoughts about the war stating, "War changes everything."

Interview on 2011-09-13


00:00:00.000 I was driving back from an all star football game that three of our NC State players had been in,
00:00:07.586 and we got right to the edge of Raleigh and I just turned on the car radio and heard that
00:00:14.134 and it was just such a shock. Nobody was ready for anything like that.
00:00:19.583 I was then courting Mrs. Friday
00:00:23.955 and I of course called her the minute I could and said I'll come sit and talk with you.
00:00:28.821 But it changed everything because
00:00:33.928 you didn't want to admit but it was true that that attack literally destroyed the Pacific fleet
00:00:42.151 and we knew it was a straight uphill fight.
00:00:45.938 But it did dramatize NC State's importance,
00:00:53.313 you see, it turned it around, and boy it got right into the war effort up to its neck.
00:00:59.845 But war changes everything. It changes your life, the institution,
00:01:07.323 and when we came back after, those of us fortunate enough to survive, we came back to a different world, a different NC State.
00:01:17.526 It's been my privilege to have been associated with that institution all those years.