NC State Students: Kindness and Respect

Dwuan June describes how the diversity of NC State students allows them to be kinder and more respectful to others.

Interview on 2012-06-18


00:00:00.000 Overall, because at State the campus is so diverse so we deal with different people, different lifestyles, I think we learn to treat people a little differently so we're a little nicer to people.
00:00:13.475 So I always try to treat people with a little more respect than most people would try to treat them because you never know who that person's going to be and when you're going to meet that person.
00:00:24.124 So I think the State community, for all our faults that people label us and tag upon us, we still treat people nicer and we respect people, and we always understand that that person is just as good as the other person
00:00:42.591 and someone always has something to teach someone at State.