NC State Pride

James Hankins discusses how much he enjoyed his experiences as an NC State student and a leader in Student Government.

Interview on 2011-07-14


00:00:00.000 I love NC State. I loved my experience at NC State.
00:00:03.539 NC State has a lot of areas I think it needs to improve.
00:00:06.404 I still have that student government mindset, that senate mindset about myself, about things I'd like to see changed,
00:00:11.127 but I loved it, I loved my experience, I wouldn't take it back for anything.
00:00:16.379 I would impress that people have to step outside of their comfort zone,
00:00:25.345 and once they do, they might not like everything that they experience,
00:00:29.613 they might not like everything they see,
00:00:31.859 they might find out that somebody they thought they were close to was not somebody that they knew who they were,
00:00:39.493 but ultimately it is something that will inform you for the rest of your life
00:00:45.110 and I would not trade-I say that a lot-but I would not trade NC State, I would not trade my experience at NC State, even the things that happened that ruined my college career
00:00:56.903 in student government, or whatever, even the things that happened in that case, I wouldn't trade them for anything at this point.