NC State on the Rise

Smedes York talks about NC State being at the forefront of knowledge building for world problem solving.

Interview on 2012-03-15


00:00:00.000 Well what people need to know as this world grows
00:00:04.443 and country grows and the specific knowledge
00:00:08.893 to solve these problems, NC State is at the forefront of that.
00:00:13.095 I strongly believe, and we have strong liberal arts at NC State, but when you get into
00:00:18.012 engineering and people say like textiles, well we may not have the plants but remember everybody's wearing something,
00:00:25.381 so we're doing a whole lot of research in new products there. But just in the evolving technological
00:00:31.896 world NC State is perfectly positioned
00:00:35.574 and it's become really the place to be.
00:00:42.021 Used to be that some of our friends at UNC used to call us "Cow College"
00:00:50.054 but I haven't heard that much lately, you know, with all the research in agricultural products and in textiles,
00:00:59.024 and the technology and math and physics, and all that it is positioned, and it's in a great
00:01:06.417 community and a great city. So you think an urban campus
00:01:10.703 with the initiative of the Centennial Campus and the school of veterinary medicine;
00:01:15.083 it's so well positioned. And we've got a great leader in Randy Woodson,
00:01:19.884 so I wouldn't put my money on any other university.
00:01:23.721 But I think NC State has come up tremendously
00:01:28.678 relative to all the universities in terms of perception and reality,
00:01:33.215 but it was a good engineering school and the agricultural and textiles
00:01:40.628 but it was not the diversity and the total picture like it is today.
00:01:46.076 It doesn't seem like that long ago when I was there, but it was.
00:01:51.104 Time moves on, doesn't it?