Chandler Thompson talks about the numerous mentors who had an impact on her while at student leader at NC State.

Interview on 2013-07-06


00:00:00.000 Yeah. I think there's a long list of people that played the role
00:00:04.525 of a mentor while I was here at NC State. My academic advisor
00:00:08.220 in First Year College, Melissa, she was a great first point of contact
00:00:13.796 for me, and then I think once I got involved in various organizations
00:00:18.102 the advisors to those organizations and other people in Student Affairs
00:00:22.839 at NC State really became, you know, those people that guided me
00:00:29.714 through the four years and supported me either when I was coming
00:00:33.748 to them having, you know, what I thought, or maybe what was
00:00:36.571 a really good idea, or maybe when I had a problem and I was dealing
00:00:41.535 with something and wanted their help, whether it was-. Gosh, I asked them
00:00:45.726 anything from sending an email-"Does this sound right?"-to some type
00:00:50.724 of issue that we were addressing on campus, and a couple of those people--
00:00:55.310 Evelyn Reiman; Mindy Sopher; Dr. Tom Stafford, luckily I got to work
00:01:00.587 with him very closely; Eileen Coombes, who's been the student government advisor
00:01:04.816 for the last five years, I got to work with her; Mike Giancola,
00:01:08.814 worked closely with him because Eileen was on maternity leave for awhile;
00:01:13.747 and then Chancellor Woodson I think my final year as student body president,
00:01:18.669 working with him and Provost Arden, I felt like they had an open door policy
00:01:24.168 with me. P. J. Teal in the chancellor's office as well, she had a huge impact.
00:01:30.893 Our monthly lunches were very helpful as I was in my leadership role.