Lucama and Selma

William Aycock discusses his upbringing in the North Carolina towns of Lucama and Selma, and describes how his father inspired him to pursue a career as a lawyer.

Interview on 2011-08-23


00:00:00.000 I was born in the little town of Lucama,
00:00:05.125 which is nine miles south of Wilson.
00:00:09.137 My daddy was a merchant at that time in his life,
00:00:14.133 a big merchandising center
00:00:20.016 for farmers to come in and buy everything from shoes to fertilizer.
00:00:25.374 So I stayed there until I finished the first grade
00:00:32.861 and after that we moved a little further south to Selma.
00:00:40.478 Later on my father became a lawyer
00:00:46.985 there in Selma
00:00:51.049 and held court in Smithfield, which is the county seat of Johnston County.
00:00:56.735 I helped him in his office. I learned how to type
00:01:05.362 at school - public school.
00:01:08.890 Then he became a judge for ten years,
00:01:14.605 what they call recorder's court. I guess now they call it district court judge.
00:01:20.222 I went to court every time I got a chance.
00:01:25.757 I'd go with him to court, especially in the summertime,
00:01:33.326 and I was treated like a member of the bar of Johnston County [Laughs]
00:01:39.762 and he gave me a seat up where they were.
00:01:43.901 But anyway, to make a long story short,
00:01:48.136 I admired him, what he stood for, what he was,
00:01:54.760 and so I decided I was going to be a lawyer too.