Living on Campus

J. Robert Cooke discusses living in dormitories as a student. He lived in Bagwell, Turlington, and Bragaw residence halls, and the last had just opened.

Interview on 2011-08-22


00:00:00.000 I was housed the first year in Bagwell Dorm. NC State's admission policy is still to try to give access
00:00:13.022 to people around the state and they were at that point admitting large numbers of students
00:00:21.230 with the full expectation they would be gone by Christmas, so I had three people in a two-person room with two closets.
00:00:31.276 They did move another bed in,but it was pretty miserable. In engineering triangles are very stable structures
00:00:43.378 but in human relations triangles are not good. We got along okay but it was not one of the best things to do.
00:00:52.960 Then I lived in Turlington and by that time had found a roommate who was in my field and who remains a friend to this day.
00:01:07.369 In fact he and I continued on to graduate school here so we were friends as students at NC State for nine years,
00:01:17.822 so we have deep roots together. Then Bragaw had just been opened, with its boomerang shape and outdoor walkways,
00:01:29.394 and so I spent the remaining two years there. So I got a good dose of student life and enjoyed living on campus,
00:01:42.502 and it was not too big a jump from high school here.