Live Wolf Mascot

Eddie Knox recounts his efforts to bring a live wolf mascot to NC State.

Interview on 2012-10-31


00:00:00.000 This was one of the highlights-I decided that NC State needed a wolf mascot,
00:00:06.039 so I set out to raise the money and I went over and spoke to the gentleman who built Cameron Village
00:00:14.498 and asked him if he would loan me eight hundred dollars so I could build a fence, a lot, and buy a wolf.
00:00:23.898 We got a wolf from Canada, and my intentions were to sell five-dollar passes to students to help name the wolf.
00:00:34.273 So he loaned me the money. I got the wolf and took the wolf to the veterinarian and they gave it a bunch of shots. It killed it.
00:00:44.923 So here the student class coming in when I'm president of the student body, and we have no wolf.
00:00:52.177 Finally I get one out of the Philadelphia Zoo, and bring him in and we were able to raise eight hundred and fifty dollars, enough for me to go pay that off.
00:01:02.627 We kept him in a fence and took him to the games. They named him Lobo, which means wolf, but we raised eight hundred and fifty dollars getting people to give him a name.
00:01:14.248 We took him to the games, we had one picture made of him eating a ram that had its throat cut,
00:01:21.908 and somebody let Lobo out and I've never seen him since.
00:01:26.439 Well, it was enlightening to me to put something together with no money on my own that depended upon these students coming and whether they would have the esprit de corps to give the money, and they did, so that was fun.