Leadership, Service and Ethics: The CSLEPS Philosophy

Mike Giancola discusses the importance of leadership and integrity in NC State students.

Interview on 2012-03-26


00:00:00.000 If you think about it you really can't have one without the other two,
00:00:04.288 so if you truly are going to be a leader then you have to have some connection to being in service to others and you have to do so in an ethical fashion.
00:00:11.941 Conversely if you're going to be a servant then you have to understand how to lead and find ways to lead people through social change and through public service and do so with a sense of integrity.
00:00:22.096 So the connection between the three makes a lot of sense back then and it makes a lot of sense today,
00:00:27.474 and we continue to have expressions of interest from our peers around the country, in fact actually internationally.
00:00:34.699 As I think about just this week, a former colleague is interested in starting a similar program in Kenya.
00:00:41.170 She's a native Kenyan but she's a faculty member here in the States and she's interested in trying to take some of what we're doing here and starting a program in Kenya, so I guess we can say international as well.
00:00:51.560 But it really is through that growth over the years that we've really looked at that intersection and focused on again what it means to be a global citizen.
00:01:00.750 We have very bright students here at NC State, they're technically strong, and we want to make sure that they understand that all of that intelligence only takes them so far,
00:01:11.277 that if they're not acting in a way that has a sense of integrity and they're not acting in a way to lead and to serve in the communities they live and work then they're not getting the full value of their education at NC State.
00:01:21.985 So it's a big part of what we expect, not only of our student leaders but all of the folks that are associated with NC State, moving forward.