Leadership: Compassion for Community

Toni Thorpe reflects on the compassion of NC State Students and why they consistently make good leaders.

Interview on 2012-05-25


00:00:00.000 I think that the main thread is compassion for community. The students that I-.
00:00:12.330 I value all of them, but the students that are able to accomplish a lot number one understand that being a leader means that you empower the masses.
00:00:29.367 It doesn't mean that you get to promote your own agenda; it means that you have to listen a lot.
00:00:34.706 So they're excellent listeners and they have a compassion for making the world better.
00:00:45.127 They see the world beyond NC State, or beyond Raleigh, or beyond socioeconomic groups,
00:00:54.858 beyond ethnic lines, so those students who are not afraid to get out there, even if they're shy.
00:01:02.545 You know they don't have to be these gregarious extroverts all the time, but they have an understanding too of their power,
00:01:14.288 that they know that kindness is always more powerful than war, so they get that and they work for that.
00:01:24.331 So compassion and integrity, and the students who have a sense of community to me are consistently good leaders.