Leader of the Pack

Mike Giancola discusses the Leader of the Pack program.

Interview on 2012-03-26


00:00:00.000 Leader of the Pack has been a really great opportunity for us to recognize students over the years,
00:00:06.440 and again another area where I think NC State has shown leadership.
00:00:09.738 A lot of schools had homecoming kings and queens and NC State,
00:00:14.878 long before I came to the institution, made the decision that
00:00:17.754 we saw leadership to be more than how you looked or your popularity;
00:00:21.196 it was really about the impact of your leadership, your service, and your scholarship.
00:00:26.221 The Leader of the Pack has been a way historically
00:00:30.658 to recognize students-it's part of the homecoming activities-and again for their leadership, service, and scholarship,
00:00:37.043 so we've abandoned the traditional homecoming king and queen and moved in a different direction
00:00:41.961 and we've received some inquiries again from other peer institutions
00:00:46.376 who really were interested in having a similar model on their campus.
00:00:49.726 But historically the program has changed a little bit over the years but currently we have one male and one female
00:00:56.029 that's recognized each year at the homecoming game and then they're responsible for
00:01:00.765 preparing the scholarship for the following year's students.
00:01:04.527 The students who have gone through that program, I mean you don't have to look at just the winners; you can just look at the finalists or even the semi-finalists
00:01:13.468 to find incredible, dedicated, very bright, committed student leaders in that role.
00:01:20.405 in that role. So it's been a great group of students over the years and a really significant opportunity for the university to recognize some of our best student leaders.