"It's cumulative"

John Atkins recalls how his various experiences at NC State, both in the classroom and in extracurricular activities, contributed to his overall education.

Interview on 2011-06-14


00:00.000 It's the whole experience.
00:05.615 I mean it's-. I don't see NC State
00:11.261 and in that sense I probably-again I'm not saying one's right or wrong, I just probably view it differently.
00:22.664 You can't be student body president-. You're not student body president of the school of design, you're student body president of the university,
00:29.427 and that really gave me a broad exposure to the university, the interaction with the administration
00:37.230 But this experience of interfacing with the governor and the legislature and alumni on the name change, this experience in the studio of how do you put a building together
00:47.891 and how do you go about that, and this experience of how do you learn to think
00:52.972 and develop creative energies to do that;
00:56.522 all of those, I wouldn't say any one of them has a specific, defining moment.
01:03.121 I'd say it's cumulative,
01:06.607 and I'd also say a lot of it doesn't settle in-.
01:10.755 It doesn't all settle in until later.