Instilling Seriousness in Student Senate

Eric Moore explains why he thought the responsibilities of the Student Senate should be treated with seriousness during his term as Senate president.

Interview on 2012-05-17


00:00:00.000 One of the things that I know concerned me was that there were a lot of people laughing and joking in the Senate
00:00:05.528 when I felt like it was a very serious responsibility.
00:00:10.230 So chances are I would have pushed for some kind of orientation for new senators because it was something that I think would help them understand how serious what we were doing [was].
00:00:21.766 I mean I was amazed at the amount of money that they had available to spend.
00:00:26.553 I mean just like our legislature has a budget, and again it was so parallel to the way the system currently works that it was to me an excellent training vehicle for just being a citizen.
00:00:39.549 The legislature does these kinds of things; they set these rules; they allocate funds. We'd have student groups come in and request allocations of funds,
00:00:47.805 it could come out of the Student Senate, and there may be-. I'm sure there were times that a request would come and then it might not have been dealt with very seriously.
00:01:00.688 Well I'm thinking if they were willing to come in and make this request the least we can do is to be serious in our actions in responding to the request.