"In my case it's NC State"

John Atkins reflects on how NC State's College of Design helps foster creativity and critical thinking skills in its students, including himself.

Interview on 2011-08-23


00:00:00.000 NC State is a special place.
00:00:03.709 this process of how you think to solve a problem,
00:00:07.292 you know they say you come out of law school with a way of thinking,
00:00:13.432 you come out of engineering school with a way of thinking,
00:00:16.325 for the School of Design it's not a linear process;
00:00:20.873 it's kind of a creative process, which really causes you to
00:00:24.611 kind of mentally throw on the wall, what are all the options,
00:00:27.919 what's dictating an option,
00:00:30.949 how do you cross over this hurdle,
00:00:34.512 and how do you get a successful outcome,
00:00:37.361 I wouldn't have gotten any of that.
00:00:40.930 I'm not saying I couldn't have gone to another school of architecture somewhere,
00:00:44.768 I'm not trying to say-but I'm just saying in my case it's NC State.
00:00:48.279 And so, you know, we all owe a lot to NC State.