Growing Up in Huntersville, NC

William Jackson discusses growing up during the 1950s in this North Carolina town.

Interview on 2012-09-27


00:00:00.000 Small town, bucolic. Huntersville was sort of a bedroom community near Charlotte. I think in those days, in the '50s, it was very idyllic.
00:00:15.449 There was a cold war going on but it didn't touch you individually, you kind of knew that the Russians and so forth were out there,
00:00:31.233 and after I got in the military I found myself behind the Iron Curtain at times, so it wasn't real to me. There was the threat of the bomb and drills
00:00:44.411 for what happens if you get an alert, that kind of thing, but other than that it was simple life. There was certainly less information about what was going on nationally or internationally,
00:01:01.698 TV was just in its beginning stages, so we weren't as aware of the world around us as people are these days. So it was a simple, uncomplicated life,
00:01:21.350 and the expectation from my perspective was, when you graduate from high school you go off to college and you stay there four years and you get a degree and you get a job,
00:01:36.538 and that was sort of it. Rock-n-roll was just beginning, still a little big band jazz around but the beginnings of rock-n-roll. It was a simple, interesting time.