Growing as a Park Scholar

John Coggin, a recipient of the Park Scholarship, discusses the many benefits of the Park program and how the Park Scholarship influenced his college career.

Interview on 2012-05-30


00:00:00.000 I think the Park program at NC State
00:00:02.125 really helped shape me and my leadership skills
00:00:08.391 in very wonderful ways.
00:00:11.624 Through that I was the publicity manager for Service Raleigh in its tenth year,
00:00:20.020 so I was able to get the word out to students
00:00:23.210 about this wonderful day of service and we ended up having
00:00:26.428 a thousand more people try to sign up for it than we had spots for.
00:00:30.377 So that was really exciting and
00:00:32.882 through that I was able to learn how to be in charge of
00:00:35.425 a subcommittee within a larger committee
00:00:37.803 and those different levels of bureaucracy.
00:00:41.745 We had trips to Washington, DC
00:00:46.440 where I was able to talk to a Supreme Court justice
00:00:49.190 and the publisher of USA Today
00:00:51.192 and lots of different experiences like that that
00:00:55.671 I don't think I would have had if I hadn't had that experience.
00:00:59.266 I was also put into a community of people that remains
00:01:03.296 a good support system for me
00:01:05.548 and just quite pragmatically
00:01:10.798 because of the financial gift that they bestowed upon me
00:01:15.062 I was able to partake in so many other extracurricular activities,
00:01:20.295 particularly study abroad, that I wouldn't have been able to if I hadn't had that.
00:01:24.468 In fact in one of the trips to the Galapagos they
00:01:27.271 even additionally helped me with some travel costs for that.
00:01:30.362 So the Park program was truly a blessing on my college career.