Greeks United

Brigadier General Jennings describes his involvement as the president of Greeks United, an organization that brought together under a shared mission and values all of the African American fraternities and sororities at NC State.

Interview on 2015-03-27


00:00:00.000 All the other Greek organizations are service organizations. So when I came back there were six black Greek organizations,
00:00:11.145 there was Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi - I don't like to say that - Alpha Phi Alpha, and I think Phi Beta Sigma.
00:00:25.517 So you had these six almost, I hate to say disparate, but separate organizations out there and somehow or another you need a governing body or something to kind of bring them together
00:00:40.795 and hopefully they're all working towards the same common goal, and that's what Greeks United, you know, we tried to come up with different names, and that's what Greeks United became.
00:00:51.731 Well I think I was involved with it from the beginning and I think, as a lack of judgment of the members of that organization, they voted me vice president the first year and I was president after that.
00:01:07.265 As I said before though, the thing that I think made Greeks United work, because there was-. You know, there's a lot of competition amongst those organizations,
00:01:17.341 but having a guy like Dr. Tom Stafford that was working with us as our advisor was really beneficial and again, the thing with this organization, it was not a governing body.
00:01:31.993 It was not to make edicts or dictate to any of those organizations but hopefully just to kind of get them to work together
00:01:42.255 and to look at things, you know, like say, hey; are we still doing what should be our primary function?
00:01:48.594 Are we serving the students and helping these students that join your organizations to be successful?
00:01:56.674 I mean amongst all else that's what we should be about, first and foremost.
00:02:02.990 So between that, and then after that, you know, all the other things that come with those type things, you know, can we work together on some things.
00:02:13.044 We started doing some joint service-type projects. Can we do something from all of us together for the benefit of some organizations or some people here in the Raleigh area or some other bigger cause?