Greatest Accomplishments as Student Leader

Chandler Thompson discusses her platform for Student Body President and what she accomplished during her term in 2011-2012.

Interview on 2013-07-06


00:00:00.000 The biggest thing about my platform was I used realistic projects and things,
00:00:07.442 so I'd been so involved and connected throughout the university that
00:00:12.361 before I put something on the platform I wanted it to be realistic
00:00:15.667 and something that students wanted but also not an empty promise and something
00:00:19.723 that I really felt we could make happen. The biggest thing, I'd been involved
00:00:24.084 with dining for two years on the university standing committee and students--
00:00:26.907 what seemed like easy things that we could get done that students really wanted,
00:00:33.896 so the late-night dining was the big thing, and it really wasn't too hard to get done.
00:00:40.244 And so as student government I tried to facilitate student wants and explanations
00:00:45.268 in a realistic way, so didn't want to ask a campus administrator or someone
00:00:51.170 to do something crazy, so doing research beforehand, seeing what other campuses had,
00:00:56.633 and trying to get that at NC State. . . . And that was another thing with listening
00:01:02.556 to student concerns and knowing issues that people were having finding a place
00:01:07.472 to study on campus. Talley was closing; D. H. Hill was really crowded. . . .
00:01:12.030 Evelyn Reiman worked with me on that project and we created some spaces in Harrelson,
00:01:16.998 not the prettiest, but some temporary places there and in Witherspoon,
00:01:22.637 just a little lounge that students could go study. It's great to have electrical outlets
00:01:27.931 so I think I was working to get more places like that on campus, so study space
00:01:33.255 that also had the ability to plug in your phone for a charge or maybe your computer.