Greatest Accomplishment at the Technician

Dwuan June recalls the satisfaction of the Technician being named All-American Newspaper, especially because some on campus doubted it could achieve that honor.

Interview on 2012-06-18


00:00:00.000 My greatest accomplishment at the Technician was being named All-American Newspaper,
00:00:06.327 because that was something that they said couldn't be done, and "they" being the NC State faculty.
00:00:15.442 Not all of them said that, Dr. Kochersberger believed in us, but most of them said that it couldn't be done.
00:00:21.790 It was worth it, and that's what we wanted to do. We wanted to show everybody, those thirty thousand students at NC State,
00:00:32.253 that your newspaper was worth your student fees, that your newspaper was just as good as the product that's just down the street that has a full pledged journalism school,
00:00:45.122 that your product, that's being put together by engineers, physicists, computer scientists, and a couple writing English majors, is just as good,
00:00:56.598 and that's what we wanted to do. That was our proudest moment.