Getting Involved

Ed Stack discusses his motivation for being involved in various campus organizations, from the Textile Student Council, to Student Government, to Greek Life.

Interview on 2011-04-26


00:00:00.000 I was a textile management major
00:00:01.780 and actually
00:00:05.211 got involved with textiles on the textile student council
00:00:10.608 when I was a freshman.
00:00:11.854 I came to State having been very involved in high school in everything,
00:00:16.481 sports, student government, every club that you could think of, just like a lot of high school kids,
00:00:21.548 and coming to State from a small community,
00:00:25.849 not really knowing much about college,
00:00:28.405 it was such a big place,
00:00:32.448 but fortunately the textile school is a very
00:00:36.651 fostering and encouraging place to be. I really enjoyed my time in textiles
00:00:42.088 and fortunately got on the textile student council
00:00:47.981 and started being involved through the textile student council
00:00:53.552 and had a lot of fun with that.
00:00:56.637 I mean I certainly didn’t come to State
00:00:59.957 with the mindset that I was going to run for student body president, although I had always been involved in student government.
00:01:06.858 hen I was in junior high we didn’t have a normal student government
00:01:13.956 so we started one and at least for that era I was the first student body president at my junior high school,
00:01:20.786 really student government, the fraternity, anything that I got involved in
00:01:26.343 was really an effort to try to make NC State a smaller place.
00:01:30.562 So I got the opportunity to do the textile student council,
00:01:36.577 met a ton of people doing that, got to be friends with several people in all different classes,
00:01:43.343 and that sort of whet my appetite I guess for running
00:01:50.911 for student body president a couple of years down the line,
00:01:54.642 but even at that time that wasn’t what I was thinking.