Future Farmers of America

Governor James Baxter Hunt, Jr. describes his experiences in high school as a member of the Future Farmers of America (FFA) and how the skills he acquired in FFA assisted him when he ran for student government at NC State.

Interview on 2012-05-29


00:00:00.000 But the organization, the FFA, Future Farmers of America,
00:00:05.809 was a leadership organization
00:00:09.192 and in addition to having all kinds of farm project activities
00:00:15.453 -mine were always dairy cattle-
00:00:17.627 we also had parliamentary procedure contests.
00:00:24.283 You'd have a team of about five or six people.
00:00:28.568 I was the president of the team and you'd go through parliamentary procedure exercises,
00:00:35.257 open a meeting,
00:00:36.926 take motions, amendments to the motions,
00:00:40.606 appeal the decision of the chair;
00:00:43.630 you learned all this parliamentary procedure stuff
00:00:46.740 that most people never learn.
00:00:49.143 Most citizens don't even know how to make a motion correctly.
00:00:52.660 They have no idea that it requires a second
00:00:55.881 and that you can amend it,
00:00:58.245 that you can appeal the decision of the chair
00:01:02.707 and let everybody vote on whether or not the chair made the right decision.
00:01:05.888 I learned all that stuff in parliamentary procedure.
00:01:09.671 They also had public speaking contests.
00:01:12.714 Of course I represented my school in public speaking
00:01:16.503 and went up several layers in terms of that.
00:01:19.860 o in that particular farm youth organization
00:01:23.807 I learned a lot about leadership
00:01:27.910 and about how to speak and how to engage in
00:01:33.757 meetings and work to get things done,
00:01:40.230 how you go about getting action taken in the way you think it ought to be done.
00:01:44.747 All of that of course served me very well when I went to North Carolina State University
00:01:50.586 and ran for student government after a few weeks on campus.