Fraternity Life

John Earnhardt discusses balancing fraternity involvement with his studies as a student at NC State.

Interview on 2012-11-15


00:00:00.000 My intent was to have a good social environment here, certainly secondary to doing the best I could academically
00:00:14.551 and getting myself set for my future, and there were plenty of activities in the dorms and all.
00:00:23.292 I mean I didn't need to go to a fraternity but I thought I would like to try that, and I did and I enjoyed it but I had my rules.
00:00:36.413 I don't party in the week. When it's Friday afternoon, that's fine. Sunday at noon started the next week for me making sure I was ready.
00:00:51.528 Never missed a class the whole time I was at NC State, I don't think. I really don't remember ever missing a class. Somebody had told me that-.
00:00:59.405 And that was one of the concerns I had about being out remote from the campus, getting back on campus, that I - be a tendency to miss classes.
00:01:11.748 I didn't want to do that. But it was fine, fraternity life was great, and that's where I had to start figuring out, well,
00:01:20.849 how am I going to integrate social life and studies and things like that, and there was nobody supervising that.
00:01:32.205 I mean I could hear my mother talking in one ear and my dad talking in the other. They weren't there but I mean, you know,
00:01:40.535 I did a respectable balance of that, but I really enjoyed the fraternity life, the academic life, the sports on campus, and that kind of thing.